Oaklands Primary School


eCadets is a project which helps children to help each other to stay safe online.  The eCadet team deliver lessons to their own classes every half term and have covered a wide range of eSafety topics including learning about our digital footprints and 'fake news'.

"I would love to be an eCadet because I want our school to be safe online." 

Emily Y5

"The children love the eCadets sessions and really enjoy the lessons being delivered by other members of the class."


Any one can apply for the role and the school council appoints the eCadets at the beginning of each year.  Congratulations to this year's new recruits. 

Trees Phase

 Year 3

To be nominated in September 2019


Year 4


Big Cats Phase

 Year 5

Will &  Charlie


Year 6

Elisa, Joel, Iris & Oscar