Covid Recovery Plan 2020/21

Throughout the pandemic Oaklands has worked hard to ensure that every child and family has access to learning and has their basic needs met.

Our core values of RESPECT everyone; take PRIDE in everything we do and ensure that all the children LOVE LEARNING, have informed every decision made. 

Through maintaining and developing close relationships with our children and families we have endeavoured to provide learning; food; clothing and emotional support wherever needed so that everyone can get through this time as well as possible. We are very proud to say that only 3 children in the whole school did not access education either through online learning or a place at school during the lockdown in January and February 2021. We even had pupils accessing learning daily in Kenya and Grenada. 

Our risk assessment action has been pretty successful at keeping as many children safely in school as possible. We have only had 4 lockdowns since March 2020, and there was only one incident when cross infection occurred amongst staff in the whole 12 months. 

We are now excited to be back at school and we are continuing to work hard to support all our families and ensure that all the children are happy, healthy and love learning. 

As ever, we are working hard to ensure that every child can recover from the events of 2020/21. If you would like to see the action plan, that combines funding from the Pupil Premium fund, the Covid Recovery Fund and the schools budget, then please see below.


Click here to view our Covid recovery action plan 2020/21