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Meet the Governors 

Who's Who

Mr Andrew Liles - Chair of Governors

Term of Office 19/10/16 - 18/10/20

Mr Liles is the Chair of the Governing Body. Whilst this role means he needs to ensure the school is keeping a keen eye on what the government expects of pupils' attainment and progress, he is passionate about ensuring that every pupil gets a rich and varied life experience at Oaklands so they are independent learners for the following stages of education. Beyond school, Mr Liles is an IT Director for web agency and likes to sing, not necessarily in the office. Mr Liles has had two children at our school who now have moved on to Elthorne High School.


Mr Joe Prendiville - Vice Chair of Governors.

Term of office 26/10/15 - 15/07/23

Mr Prendiville is the Governor for Safeguarding and SEN, and sits on the Curriculum and Inclusion Committee. Mr Prendiville is Chief Operating Officer of West London Zone - an education and social sector charity in North Kensington/White City. Mr Prendiville has a son and daughter in Oaklands school, and is keen to work hard to help children make excellent progress from all backgrounds and starting points.


Mr Simon Armstrong - Parent Governor

Term of Office 11/12/2017 - 10/12/2021

Mr Armstrong has two sons who attend Oaklands Primary. One is coming to the end of his Oaklands journey and the other has just started. Having watched his eldest son flourish at Oaklands, Mr Armstrong would now like to use his governor role to give something back to the school and the community.



Halina Bakhovska - Co-opted Governor

Term of Office 24/09/18 – 23/09/22


William Blanchard - Co-opted Governor 

Term of Office 09/09/19 – 08/09/23


Phoebe Carter - Co-opted Governor

 Term of Office 24/09/18 – 23/09/22

Phoebe Carter is a Teach First Ambassador who specialised in Early Years Education. After two years teaching in Hounslow she joined Oakland's Primary School in 2017 and has been a teacher in Reception ever since. Her vision for every child is that they feel curious and confident with a great sense of self-belief.


Ms Gayle Cope - Parent Governor

Term of Office 19/10/16 - 18/10/20

Gayle has 3 children at Oaklands and enjoys their many stories of fun had during their school day. 

She has worked in TV Production all her adult life and admits that childcare is far and away more difficult than anything she’s ever tackled at work. 

Gayle is around most days in the playground and is more than happy to be approached for a chat in her role as Parent Governor - just go and tap her on the shoulder! 



Darryl Evans- Co-opted Governor

Term of Office 09/09/19 – 08/09/23

Darryl is a co-opted governor with no prior connection to the School.

He is also a governor of Barnes Primary School in the London Borough of Richmond and aims to use the knowledge sharing that permits for the benefit of both schools. He is a solicitor who runs his own legal practice, specialising in employment law, having previously been a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers.The remainder of his time is spent watching (football, cricket, rugby) and playing (tennis, golf, cycling) sport, and going to the theatre and art galleries.



Miss Ruth Harper - Co-opted Governor

Term of Office 25/09/2017 - 24/09/2021

Miss Harper has lived in Hanwell for eight years and is keen to be involved in the local community. Miss Harper is a department manager at University College London and has range of Higher Education management experience including HR, Finance, Estates and Teaching Management. She sits on the Finance and Resources Committee. Miss Harper has a daughter of pre-school age who keeps her busy in her remaining 'free' time!



Ms Tessa Hodgson - Headteacher.

Ms Hodgson joined Oaklands as head teacher in September 2014, and enjoyed it so much she applied for the permanent job! Ms Hodgson has had a varied teaching career across London for the last 25 years. Her experience includes previous headships in Hammersmith and Fulham and in Ealing and she has also worked as a Consultant Head Teacher, a School Improvement Partner and a Local Authority Advisor on the inclusion of vulnerable pupils. Ms Hodgson is passionate about ensuring that all pupils love school and get the best education they can. Ms Hodgson wants every child to leave Oaklands with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life combined with a passion and excitement for learning and the confidence to seek out new opportunities and rise to every challenge.




Ms Collette Boyd Joseph- Co-opted Governor.

Term of office 25/09/17 - 24/02/2021



Ms Ghazaal Majidi- Staff Governor.

Mrs Majidi has been working at Oaklands for 2 years , she has loved her time here at Oaklands so much she has decided to join the governing body to support whole school development. Mrs Majidi runs PSHE and RE at Oaklands and ensures all the children have the opportunity to celebrate all faiths and celebrations. Mrs Majidi is looking forward to create a whole school community through activities that support all the children’s learning and make Oaklands a more diverse and multicultural community with happy children who love learning.


Ms Maggie O'Neill - Local Authority Governor

Term of office 22/02/17 - 21/02/2021

Ms O'Neill joined the governing body in Spring 2017 as a Citizen governor and hopes to bring some of the skills and experience from 12 years in Further and Higher Education as well as 20 years in banking to the governing body.  Ms O'Neill's teaching covered a range of subjects  including management, project management, finance and economics.  She also worked as a manager for 20 years at the International Division of Barclays Bank Plc.

Ms O'Neill has lived in Ealing for 37 years and has two grown-up daughters.


Lorraine Mitchell - Clerk

Mrs Mitchell is the Governance Professional supporting the Governing Body since 2018; she works for 3BM as Head of Governor Support which provides a clerking service to the school. She has grown up in the area and lived in Hanwell until three years ago before moving out of London to enjoy the sea view on the South Coast.

Mrs Mitchell has a passion for education, effective management and quality teaching and learning. Having graduated with a MA Hons in Education, she has been working in this sector since 1992 across a range of provision from nursery through to secondary schools and post 16 provision. Mrs Mitchell has managed her own business within education, and was a Lead Practitioner and Faculty Head in a West London school.



Clerking by 3BM governors service




Please click here for Governing Body structure.

Each governor is part of the Full Governing Board and then participates in Committees.  We have 3 committees which align to the Oakland School Improvement Plan priority areas:

  • Teaching and Learning Committee: Simon Armstrong (Chair), Phoebe Carter, Gayle Cope, Tessa Hodgson, Ghazaal Majidi
  • Inclusion Committee: Joe Prendiville (Chair), Will Blanchard, Ruth Harper, Tessa Hodgson, Collette Boyd-Joseph
  • Finance & Resources Committee: Maggie O'Neill (Chair), Halina Bakhovska, Darryl Evans, Tessa Hodgson

 Please contact the School Office if you require copies of our full governing body minutes. Thank you.