School Lettings and Hire

We have a wide variety of spaces available for hire across the site including:

  •  Classrooms
  • Two large School Halls
  • Large Playground

To enquire, please contact the Finance Department by email at or by calling 0208 567 5230 ext.: 211

Hire Agreement Policy and booking Form 

Pricing Hourly Charges - (Multiple rooms are negotiable)

Monday – Friday (up to 6.30pm)

Classroom - £20

Hall           - £30

Saturday & Sunday (up to 6.30pm)

Classroom - £20 + (please see additional info below)

Hall           - £30 + (please see additional info below)

 For let’s going beyond 6.30pm, the school will charge one additional hour (first hour) and the normal hourly rental charges. For example, a classroom hired for 6.30pm to 9.00pm – will cost the hirer 2.5 hours x £20 + £20 = £70.


  • A £50 weekend supplement will be levied on all categories of letting to cover the extra cost of caretaking / cleaning incurred by the school outside the standard school week.
  • All lettings will require a deposit of £200 to cover the eventuality that extra cleaning is required in order to return the hired area to a satisfactory state, or if a chargeable breakage occurs, this money will be used to offset the costs of cleaning and / or repair.
  • A minimum of 2 hours will be charges irrespective of duration of let.
  • The cost of the classroom is only for the space, table and chairs. Accessing the IT infrastructure may incur additional charges.
  • The cost of the hall is only for the space, accessing the table and chairs will incur an extra cost.
  • Accessing the kitchen is not allowed
  • Additional site costs may be charged if there are large numbers onsite, over 200 people will require 2 duty site officers.
  • The hirer will arrange their public liability insurance before the rental commences.