How do I get a place at Oaklands?

We accommodate children from ages 3-11. We strongly recommend families come and visit us first. We do a Parent Tour every TUESDAY from 9.00am - 10.30am, usually with the Headteacher. We advise all parents to tour a school before reading reports etc. You will know if the school feels right for your family!

Applying for a place in our Nursery

As a school we can only deal directly with parents for Nursery admissions. The application form is below. Once your child is 3 years old we can take them in our Nursery if there are spaces, but you can put your application in after your child turns 2.

If there is a waiting list the priority criteria used is:
Criteria 1      Looked After Child, Child In Need, SEN child
Criteria 2      Sibling who will be at Oaklands in September of the following academic year        Criteria 3      No sibling 
Spaces are then allocated on the distance from child's home address to the school (in a straight line) determined by Ealing Borough.

A sibling link is defined as the prospective Nursery child having a brother or sister (including step brothers and sisters or LAC siblings) on roll at Oaklands at the same time that they would start.  

Please contact the School Office as we still have a few remaining spaces. 

Please click here to download a Nursery Registration Form

Complete the above Registration form and return to the School Office to register your interest at Oaklands Nursery. Please note a place at our Nursery does not guarantee a place in our Reception.

Applying for a school place Reception to Y6

For a place in Reception or Y1-Y6, you must contact the Ealing Council Admissions team. They will guide you on school availability and next steps.  The criteria used is the same as the criteria stated above.

Please click here to be redirected to the Ealing Council School Admissions website.

If you are offered a place by Ealing Council, they will inform us and then you can contact us to finalise induction.

How do we start?

Once you have a confirmed offer for a place at Oaklands, contact Miss McCarthy on 0208 567 5243.  Miss McCarthy will arrange a pre-admission meeting to complete relevant paperwork. 

If at any time you have a query about admissions, speak to Miss McCarthy or any of the Office team!

Starting Primary School Prospectus for 2022

Ealing Council makes decisions for admission to Oaklands Primary School for pupils entering Reception to Year 6, in-line with all local maintained community Primary schools. Prospective parents should contact Ealing Council to find out about admission arrangement and to enquire about waiting lists.

Ealing Council also publishes admissions criterial for all community Primary Schools, including Oaklands, each year.


Please see link below to help assist you with your Primary School Application:

Ealing Borough Primary School Prospectors 2022

Appeal Process

You have the right  to appeal to an independent appeal panel if your child has not been allocated a place at your preferred school(s). There is not right of appeal in respect of applications for nursery schools or classes. 

If you decide to appeal, please contact the School Admissions Service at Ealing Council for an appeal form. For more details, follow this link: 

Appeal Process

Starting High School Prospectus for 2022

Please see below link o help assist you with your High school application in the Ealing Borough.

Ealing Borough High School Prospectors 2022


For more information, please visit the Ealing Council Schools’ Admissions Page

Schools Admissions Service
(020) 8825 5511 (primary school) Opening hours: 9am-12pm
Perceval House
14-16 Uxbridge Road
W5 2HL