Oaklands Primary School

Parent Evening Booking System

Parent teacher meetings are an opportunity for parents/carers to meet with their child's teacher and discuss their progress.  It is an opportunity to develop the relationship that exists between the teacher, the parent and the child. 

The expectation at Oaklands is that all parents/carers are met by the relevant teacher. 


Chestnut Class Only - Spring Term Parents Evening

Monday 9th March 3.30pm-5.45pm

Tuesday 10th March 3.30pm-5.45pm

Wednesday 11th March 3.30pm-5.45pm

 The On-line system is now closed, please speak to Mrs Murtagh directly to book an appointment. 


Reception to Year 6 - Spring Term Parents Evening

Wednesday 25th March 4.00pm-7.30pm

Thursday 26th March 4.00pm-6.00pm

The On-line system will close midnight Friday 20th March 2020 


Nursery - Spring Term Meetings

Tuesday 24th March 9.00am-3.30pm - Mrs Walkiewicz's Group

Wednesday 25th March 9.00am-3.30pm - Ms Brooks Group

The On-line system will close midnight Friday 20th March 2020


 You can book your appointments online via


 Please click here for a guide on how to book your appointment.