Oaklands Primary School

Staff Team

The Oaklands Team:

We have a team of over 60 staff working at Oaklands - cleaners, lunch staff, teachers, nursery nurses, teaching assistant, playworkers and administrative staff.

Together we work hard for every Oaklands child and our Oaklands community.

Below is our staff structure for 2019-20:

  • Headteacher: Miss T Hodgson  
  • Deputy Headteacher  Miss K Packham 
  • SENCO Miss K Young 
  • School Business Manager Zahid Parvez



Butterflies (am) and Dragonflies (pm) - Miss R Brooks and Miss A Walkiewicz


Bumblebees - Miss P Carter

Ladybirds - Miss J Major

Supported by Mrs N Franklin, Miss S D'Souza,  Mrs A Ash, Mrs O Bushati, Mrs A Sarghini

 Y1-Y2 “PLANETS” PHASE – led by Ms L Read

Year 1

Mercury - Mrs S Hutchings 

Venus - Miss S Antcak

Teaching Assistants for Year 1 - Mrs J Gamea, Mrs N Hough, Mrs A Sarghini, Ms K Samgi 

Year 2

Jupiter - Ms L Read

Mars - Miss H Thanvi

Teaching Assistants for Year 2 - Mrs Chmiest, Ms K Samgi  and Mrs W Vanson

Y3-Y4 “TREES” PHASE – led by Miss S Rafique

Year 3

Ash - Miss S Ozcelik

Birch -  Miss G Majidi

Teaching Assistant for Year 3 - Mrs T Zia & Mrs Gardner

Year 4

Elm - Miss S Rafique

Chestnut - Mrs M Murtagh

Teaching Assistants for Year 4 - Mrs G Gardner, Mrs C Boyd-Joseph

 Y5-Y6 “BIG CATS” PHASE – led by Mrs H Castle

Year 5

Leopards - Miss L Evans

Panthers - Miss G Artiles

Jaguars - Miss R Samuel-Wright

Teaching Assistant for Year 5 - Mrs D Rowe

Year 6

Lions - Mrs S Campbell

Tigers - Mr K Acheson

Intervention teacher - Miss C Richardson

Teaching Assistants for Year 6 - Mrs A Salisbury and Mrs A Woodhams


PPA Teachers - Miss J Auvache and Mr J Townson

 Support Teams

Admin Team

  • Mrs D Sihra  - Office Manager
  • Miss E McCarthy - Facilities Administrator
  • Mrs J Jamiru - School Administrator
  • Mrs Z Temple - Finance Officer

Premises Team

  • Mrs M Joseph - Site Manager
  • Miss E McCarthy  - Cleaner in Charge
  • Mrs Y Hall Daly 
  • Mrs P Sandhu 

Lunchtime Team

  • Mrs A Ash  - Lunchtime Manager
  • Mrs S Azam 
  • Mrs A Bromfield 
  • Mrs S Messenger 
  • Mrs H Olol
  • Mrs S Said 

Rocket Club Team

  • Mrs A Ash – Rocket Club Manager
  • Mrs J Gamea – Rocket Club Deputy Manager
  • Mrs C Boyd Joseph 
  • Mrs A Bromfield 
  • Mrs Y Waheed 
  • Mrs O Bushati

                 ***Our TAs are assigned to classes according to need ***