Vision and Values

Our school motto is: From little acorns mighty oaks do grow

At the heart of Oaklands Primary School are the values of respect for all, pride in ourselves and our school and the commitment to develop a love of learning. These values inspire everything that we do and ensure our children grow in to confident individuals with great aspirations for themselves, their futures and their communities. To do this we carefully nurture our pupils so that when they leave us they have excellent academic knowledge alongside the confidence, motivation and skills to apply themselves to any challenge.



  • Respect yourself and every member of the school community
  • Respect and learn about every culture, religion, and family in our school
  • Respect everyone’s right to be safe and be healthy
  • Respect everyone’s right to an education
  • Respect everyone’s right to be heard


  • Take pride in yourself and your achievements – act in a way that you can be proud of by trying your best every day.
  • Take pride in the achievements of others – encourage everyone to do their best
  • Take pride in the achievements of our school – wear the uniform with pride and look after our school

Love of Learning

  • Be resourceful – what can you do to learn as well as you can? What knowledge or tools can you use to help yourself learn?
  • Be reflective – how can you improve your achievements?
  • Reciprocity – how can you work with others to help you learn?
  • Be resilient – enjoy a challenge – don’t give up – with hard work and support everyone can achieve.

School Improvement Plan

We are currently working on the school Improvement plan for 2019-20.  

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Curriculum & Assessment

Leadership & Management

Teaching & Learning

Vulnerable Pupils